Hi I'm Sven

I work as a Senior IT Engineer at DB Systel GmbH, a Deutsche Bahn company.

My roots are in the open source movement, which shaped me during my studies and entrepreneurs period and influenced my strong community oriented and knowledge sharing mindset.

I'm now more than 20 years in the IT business with projects and activities in the range from network and network security management, operational management with deep knowledge in the main Linux distributions and services to software development in different languages.

Today I'm focusing on Cloud and IT automation tasks, development in the Python and Go language and try to support community activities in the Rhein-Main region as organizer or co-org.

During the last years sustainability became a more and more important aspect in my life. First I reduced plastic and waste in my daily life (still optimizing ;-) ). Feeling happy with that changes in I started reducing my meat consumption and turned to a vegetarian lifestyle. And a lot of great documentations about the dirty hidden secrets of the meat and dairy industry finally motivated me to become a vegan.


  • Cloud and Cloud Native
  • IT Automation
  • Python and Go Coding
  • Building Communities
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Sustainability